Board Members and Committees

Executive Director and Founding Artistic Director

Richard M. Loatman

Richard M. Loatman conducting Winters Songs XI 12-10-17

Richard M. Loatman conducting Winters Songs XI 12-10-17

 Artistic Director and Principal Conductor
Vinroy D. Brown, Jr.

Vinroy D. Brown, Jr, Conducting Winters Songs XI 12-10-17

Vinroy D. Brown, Jr, Conducting Winters Songs XI 12-10-17

Assistant Conductor
Ellen J. Dondero

Ellen J. Dondero

Spenser R. Prichard

Spenser Prichard playing piano.

Spenser Prichard playing piano.


Former CST Board

Ed Kurocka, Deborah Ford, Suzanne Kazi, Janice Latella, Julie Campo, Nora Walsh, Richard M. Loatman, Peter Downey, MarrLa LiPuma, Nancy Paolini, Joe LiPuma


Ed Kurocka, Chairperson
David Hoyer, Vice Chair for Finance
Suzanne Proulx, Vice Chair for Administration
Suzanne Kazi, Secretary
MarrLa LiPuma, Treasurer
Fr. Dennis Apoldite, member-at-large
Jean Bickal, member-at-large
Deborah Ford, member-at-large
Sue Guttmann, member-at-large
Janice Latella, member-at-large
Joe LiPuma, member-at-large
Nancy Paolini, member-at-large and Administrative Assistant
Vinroy D. Brown, Jr., ex officio
Richard M. Loatman, ex officio


Accessibility/ADA: Melissa Branco and Nancy Paolini
Ad Book: Evelyn Klein
Archives: Elizabeth Camden and Donna Gooch
Concert Dress: Evelyn Klein
Concert Programs: vacant
Contracts: Melissa Branco
Facebook: Ellen J. Dondero
Fifth Section: Sue Guttmann
Fundraising: Peter Downey
Library and Production: David Abers
Mail Chimp: Nancy Paolini
Marketing and Publicity: Suzanne Proulx
Recruitment/New Members: Suzanne Kazi
Search: Ellen J. Dondero
Sound System: Peter Downey
Tickets: Julie Campo
Website: Nancy Paolini


The Fifth Section is a group of volunteers who help with many activities during rehearsals and at performances. Volunteers are always welcome.

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