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Capital Singers of Trenton

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Program Book

Sponsorship Form

Distribution includes TWO major concerts and additional performances!

 Fill out sponsorship contact information. Please print clearly.

  MS Word Format 2019CSTAdForm2

PDF format 2019CSTAdForm2

  1. Select the size and whether or not you opt for premium space (first come, first served).
  2. Submit electronic print-ready files to
  3. PDF files preferred.  
  4. Submit paper artwork in black and white to a chorus member.
  5. No artwork? Submit your business card to a chorus member.
  6. Do not draw lines around your artwork or business card. Note that all print-ready art will be printed as submitted.  Business cards may be re-sized to fit the page but will include all information on the card.
  7. Select payment method. Note that payment by credit card may be made on the chorus website.

Deadline:  November 4, 2019

Program insertion rates for fall 2019/ spring 2020 program book:

 Premium space: 

Back cover outside, full page only, 4¾  x 7¾   (color):                  $250

Inside front or back cover, full page, 4½ x 7½  (color):                $225

Inside front or back cover, full page, 4½ x 7½ (B&W)                  $200

 Interior space, black and white:

 Full page (4½ x 7½ ):                                                                                $150

Half page horizontal (4½ x 3¾) or vertical (2½ x 7½):               $100

Quarter page vertical (2½  x 3½):                                                        $75

Quarter page horizontal (4½ x 1¾)                                                     $75

 Please download the form in pdf or Word in order to submit your ad. 

MS Word Format 2019CSTAdForm2

PDF format 2019CSTAdForm2

Please use the “Buy Now” button below or mail a check to us at

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Capital Singers of Trenton, PO Box 5297, Trenton, NJ 08638

Capital Singers of Trenton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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